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Blogging is an excellent way to build credibility and make passive income online. You can use a blog to share your opinion and write informative reviews for your readers. Reviews and advice on products or services are what customers look for before they make a purchase. It is part of the customer purchase lifecycle. For example, if I were to purchase a cell phone, I will look at the reviews of other customers who have the same cell phone and get the pros and cons before I decide on purchasing the cell phone. This is what makes blogging important because it provides informative information to your readers.

We will discuss:

  • What is a blog?
  • Common Questions About Blogging
  • 5 Steps To Get Started Blogging
  • How I Got Started Blogging
  • Last Words

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.”

What Is a blog?

A blog is an online journal, in my opinion. It’s a place where you can provide your readers with your opinion and reviews on products or services. The good thing about blogging is you can use it for any category or niche. For example, my blog is about personal finances and getting out of debt. I use my blog to teach others how to become debt-free by sharing my reviews on products and the different services they can use to help them on their journey.

There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to blogging:

  • You have to be a great writer: You do not have to be an English graduate when it comes to blogging. I am not the best writer, but as I continue to post on my blog, my writing has gotten better. Some sites will help you with your grammar and writing you can use to check your post before you publish any content. The site that I use is called Grammarly. Grammarly has a website extension that you can put on your web browser that checks your grammar with anything you write online.
  • You have to post daily to be successful: You do not need to post daily to be successful at blogging. Posting daily can be a lot to some people, and it can take a lot out of you as well. You can run a successful blog by posting 1-3 times per week. The best thing to do when blogging is to put yourself on a schedule and make a plan of what you will write about each week.
  • Success comes fast with blogging: Success does not come overnight when you start blogging. Blogging takes time, and based on how much content you put out, you probably will not see results until 2 to 6 months being the fastest, and up to a year is the slowest. Blogging is not an easy process; there will be days when you feel that you are putting in a lot of work and not seeing enough results. When this happens, you need to remember the reason why you started and use that to get you through the hard times. In the end, results will start showing, and the best thing about it is that it can be on posts you did a year ago.

Common Questions About Blogging

  • How Do You Make Money Blogging?
    • You can make money blogging by offering your opinion and reviews on products and services. You do this by providing an affiliate link. For example, if I wanted to do a review post on a blender I wish to recommend to my readers, I would use services like Amazon Associates to get an affiliate link for the blender so that I can earn a commission if some of my readers decided to purchase the blender. Amazon Associates is not the only service that has an affiliate program; you can use Shareasale, Commission Junction, eBay, Clickbank, and many more.
    • You can also use Google Adsense to place ads on your post that relates to your content and readers. These ads are already paid for by advertisers looking for others to post their ads on your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the ad, you will earn a small commission. Each ad has a different advertising cost, so your commissions will vary based on the ad cost.
  • How Long Does My Post Need To Be?

    • You want to ensure that your post is at least 1000 words. Google loves to see long content. I’m not saying that writing a post under 1000 words is terrible, but if you want your content to get ranked, you should at least provide your readers with 1000 words. To do this, give your readers what they want by finding a common topic like “How to control frizzy hair,” from there you will provide your readers with an introduction to the topic, why fizzy hair happens or what it is, ways to control frizzy hair and your recommended products to control fizzy hair. When you give your readers a detailed review of a topic and organize your post, you will hit 1000 words in no time.
  • How Do I Come Up With More Ideas To Blog About?

    • The best way to come up with ideas to post about is by using the content you already created. Let’s say you wrote a post on how busy moms can find time to workout. You can use this post to get other ideas such as the best workouts to do in 30 minutes or the best workout equipment to get a full workout at home.
    • Another way to get content ideas is by using your readers when you gain a following. You can ask them directly to leave a comment on what they want to hear from you or set a poll on your site. 
  • How Do I Promote My Blog?

    • The first way you want to gain visitors for your blog is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is when search engines attract the right people that are interested in your offer, and once you get those people, the more traffic you gain. When a search engine sees that you are providing quality content and posting regularly, they will send organic visitors to your blog. Then you have a shot at your content being listed on the first pages of google depending on the search if you want to learn more on SEO marketing and how to get ranked in google click here.
    • You can also promote your blog using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and more.
  • How Do I Convert My Readers Into Customers?

    • As you provide your readers with quality content and show your customers that you genuinely care for them, you are going to gain trust with your readers. This means that you will need to provide your readers with content that they want regularly and answering them when they comment on your post. You want your readers to stay engaged with the content you put on your blog. The more engaged and trust a reader has in you, the easier it is to convert them into customers.


5 Steps To Get Started With Blogging?

1) Niche

Before you start a blog, the first thing you want to do is pick a niche for your blog. A niche is a category, product, or service that a small group of people are interested in. You need to have a target niche so that you can target the right people to your blog. There are a variety of niches you can choose. Some of the most popular niches for blogging are Personal Finance, Travel, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, and many more. You just have to find a niche that you have experience in or comfortable building content on.

2) Website Domain and Hosting

There a couple of ways you can get a domain name for your website and hosting. You can either purchase the two separately or buy them together.

If you already have hosting set up, you can purchase a domain at GoDaddy for as little as $1 for your first year. GoDaddy also offers privacy protection and an email account for your website to get you started. Keep in mind if you purchase these items, it will add to your price depending on which product you chose. You can also choose to purchase your domain yearly or up to 5 years as well.

If you do not have hosting, you can purchase hosting at BlueHost for $3.95 a month and get a free website domain. BlueHost has the cheapest web hosting rates, and they have different plans you can choose from, please see picture below. Please keep in mind that BlueHost bills yearly, which saves you money instead of being billed monthly.

3) Blogging Platform and Website Theme

The next thing you want to focus on is a blogging platform. If you purchased hosting with a domain at BlueHost and GoDaddy, you will be provided with WordPress. WordPress is a website creation tool that lets you build your blog, create pages, and post on your website. Both GoDaddy and BlueHost provides you with videos on how to set up your WordPress website.

Your WordPress website also comes with free themes. A theme is a design of how you want your website to look. The free themes come with limited customization to your website, but you can upgrade your theme to get more customization options. You do not have to upgrade. You can still make an income-producing blog on a free theme website. When picking a theme, you want to ensure you choose colors and fonts that are easy for your readers to see and understand.

4) Logo

Creating a logo design is what brands you and your blog. There are a couple of ways you can create a logo for your blog; you can use free websites like Canva and PicMonkey to create your logo yourself. Canva has an upgrade option, but you do not have to upgrade to create your design. PicMonkey gives you a 14-day trial then you have the opportunity to upgrade later.  If you are looking for a more professional look for your logo, you can go to Fiverr and have a logo designer create your logo for you.

5) Email Marketing

An excellent way to gain more subscribers to your blog is by using email marketing software forms to collect leads that visit your blog. This is a good way to keep your readers updated with new content that you post and keep them engaged. There are many email marketing softwares to choose from, but the one that I find easy to use is Aweber. You can try Aweber for free for the first 30-days to see if it’s a good fit for you, and then after the trial, the monthly price is $19. You can create sign up forms that look like the image below.

How I Got Started Blogging?

Starting a blog can be hard if you are just beginning. When I first started my journey blogging I failed a couple of times because I did not have the right training in place, I didn’t have the proper support, and my mindset was not in the right place. Starting a blog from scratch takes patience, motivation, supportive people, and dedication. When I started my blog again, I wanted to make sure I started the right way, so I got training.

The training that I’m receiving is how I built the blog that you are on right now and how I learned all the tips that I mentioned above. If you are looking for a way to start your blog the right way with training, a supportive community that provides a website and hosting, then check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Words

In conclusion, blogging is a great way to make passive income online, but in order to get started, you need to have patience because results will not happen overnight. Following the five steps above will help you get started, and if you need additional support and training, please feel free to contact me or check out the review of the training platform that helped me get started here.

If you have any questions about any of these steps, please reach out to me below or by my contact page here. I look forward to talking to you.

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