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Name: The Super Affiliate Network


Price: Ranges: $1 for the first month, $37 monthly – $24, 997 yearly; based on the membership

Owner: Misha Wilson

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

The Super Affiliate Network Overview

The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) was created in 2016 by Misha Wilson, who is considered one of the youngest traffic and conversion experts on the internet. He started online at the age of 22, hit six figures by the age of 24, and then succeed with his own company by the age of 25. His passion is to help his students reach the same level of success as himself.

The Super Affiliate Network is a training platform that helps affiliate marketers grow their business by leveraging digital marketing tactics. Some of the keys that make SAN successful is there 1:1 Hands-On Help, Live Interactive Community, Live Training, Email Marketing Course, Traffic Training, and their Sales System.

The Pros and Cons of The Super Affiliate Network

The Pros:

  • Excellent Platform for Beginners
  • Hands-on Personal Coach
  • Daily Live Training & Motivation
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Email Follow-up Campaigns
  • Traffic Campaign Set-up
  • Custom Sales Funnel
  • Yearly Live Events
  • Supportive Community and more.

The Cons:

  • SAN teaches you how to gain traffic, but they are all paid methods. They use Solo Ads, Facebook Marketing, Pay Per View, and Youtube Marketing. Paid traffic can get a little expensive for those just starting out, especially with Solo Ads, which based on the owner’s email list and how many people will open the email. Most people don’t want to pay for a monthly membership and then, on top of that, have to pay hundreds of dollars in Solo Ads to make the business work. Although Solo ads can get traffic faster to your website, there are free methods to get organic traffic as well.
  • The price for the membership can be too high for beginners with a low budget. SAN does offer a $1 trial for your first month then a monthly membership fee of $47, but to get the full benefit of SAN, you will need to be a Pro member or higher. The Pro membership is a one-time payment of $2497, and the Maui Intensive Mentorship membership starts at $12,497 one-time for 6-months or $24,997 one-time for a year, which is too high for some people. They do offer loans, but not too many people what to go in debt when just starting online.
  • The Bootcamp training is excellent and well thought out training to give you an understanding of how the process of making money online works, but the training can be too long, with lengthy videos that can take days to go through depending on your schedule.

Who is the Super Affiliate Network For?

The Super Affiliate Network is for those looking to build a business in affiliate marketing, using paid marketing tactics to build your audience and not afraid to scale your business to the next level to receive high commissions. The program is excellent for beginners, getting started online as well.

The Super Affiliate Network Tools & Training

SAN training is different at each membership level, so I’m going to breakdown what’s included at each membership level.

Basic Membership:

  • Access to the members-only Facebook Page, which provides:
    • Daily Live Training and Motivation
    • Live Training/Coaching Every Monday
    • Supportive Community of Members
  • Access to the Training Bootcamp
  • Personal Coach for support
  • Sales Funnel
  • Marketing Strategies
  • 70% Basic Membership Commissions

Pro Membership:

  • Access to everything in the Basic Membership
  • Access to the Pro members-only Facebook Page
  • Weekly Training for Pro members only
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Done for you Sales Funnels
  • Done for you Email Marketing Follow-up Campaigns
  • 40% on Pro membership Commissions

Maui Intensive Coaching & Mentorship Program:

  • Access to everything in the Basic and Pro Memberships
  • In-Person 4-day Training in Maui, Hawaii, which provides:
    • Hands-on Training
    • One on One Help to Build Your Website and Sales Funnel
    • One on One Help to Build Your Email List and Traffic Campaigns
    • A day to enjoy Hawaii

The Super Affiliate Network Support

SAN offers support by providing its members to a members-only Facebook page, which provides help from other members within the business. This is the fast method to get your questions answered, and from time to time, you can Misha will also help you using this method as well. You will also have access to a personal coach to help you with marketing and any questions that may arise. Lastly, you can always submit a support ticket for additional help.

How Much Does It Cost To Join SAN?

As I stated before, SAN has different membership levels, so I will break each membership level by price.

  • Basic Membership:
    • $1 trial to get started for 30 days, then $47 monthly afterward. You can also skip the trial and pay $37 monthly going forward.
    • $297 for the annual membership
  • Pro Membership:
    • $2497 one-time payment
  • Maui Intensive Coaching and Mentorship Program
    • $12,497 one-time for 6-months of mentorship
    • $24,497 one-time for a year of mentorship

Keep in mind that your membership price may be a different price based on special promotions that are offered at checkout.

My Final Opinion of The Super Affiliate Network

In my opinion, SAN is a legit business with an excellent course to build your affiliate marketing business online, but the program may not be for everyone. SAN Bootcamp is extensive in explaining how affiliate marketing works, which makes it a good platform for beginners. The prices of SAN membership is high if you want more of what the program has to offer, but it’s a one-time payment to receive the membership for a lifetime. If you are undecided about the business but what to check it out for your own review, I would recommend you signing up for the $1 trial and getting a feel for the opportunity yourself.

I give this program a thumbs up!

The Super Affiliate Network At A Glance

Name: The Super Affiliate Network


Owner: Misha Wilson

Price: Ranges: $1 for the first month, $37 monthly – $24, 997 yearly; based on the membership

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

Final Verdict: Legit

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